Recycling - Frequently Asked Questions

What if I put bin out on the wrong week?

The bin will not be picked up as the truck route will unlikely go past your site. Return your bin back to your property and place out the following week. Call Betta Bins customer support 0800 123 221 for advice on your collection day.

What do I do if there is too much material for one bin?
You can upgrade to a larger or additional bin which can be purchased from Betta bins. Prices for bins are on our website.

Call Betta Bins customer support 0800 123 221
My bin is broken / stolen / lost / found. What should I do?
Phone the Betta Bins customer support 0800 123 221. They will assist with replacement. Please remember to return your bin into your property after collection to reduce likely hood of being stolen.
Q. Who retains ownership of the wheelie bin?
If you have a Rental Service wheelie bin then ownership of the bin is held by Betta-Bins. If you have an Owner wheelie bin then you, the customer, own the wheelie bin.
I think that I have been missed, what should I do?
There may be up to 3 different trucks servicing your area at the same time so just because you see a truck drive past it does not necessarily mean that you have been missed.

Near the end of the day call Betta Bins and leave a message and we will compare your address against the computer-based tracking system in the trucks. Collections may carry on through to 6pm, please try to avoid calling prematurely

Why was my bin rejected?
The bin must only contain accepted materials. The collector monitors the material being collected and will reject any bin that contains materials that should not be in the bin. View acceptance criteria on our website.

The bin lid must close. There are two reasons for failing a bin with the lid open.

  • If the lid is open due to being over filled there is a risk for spillage & windblown litter.
  • If all bins were over filled this would prematurely fill our trucks and delay collections as we would have to go and empty midway through collections, overfilled bins would exceed the expected weight that we factor for

Why won’t you collect the wheelie bin from my Right-of-Way or shared driveway?
Betta Bins collect from public road kerbside. We avoid entering private roads, private driveways etc as our vehicles may damage surfaces. For commercial sites we will enter service lanes.

Who is Smart Environmental? What will change with the new ownership?
Smart Environmental are the largest New Zealand owned and operated waste and recycling company.

We have locations all over NZ including the Nelson/Tasman region.  The Betta Bins brand and service will retain the core services, we hope to use our  expertise to grow the business further and make improvements for our current and future clients.

I have a glass crate? Why am I not being picked up.
Crate services were a part of the Nelmac-Bettabins offer. We no longer offer these services, please call Nelmac.