Recycling - Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. What if I put material out on the wrong week?

A calendar will be placed in your recycling bin to remind you. The material will not be picked up. 


Q. What do I do if there is too much recycling for one recycle bin?
Replacement or extra bins can be purchased for a small fee from NCC or Nelmac. The costs are $18.50 for a 45L bin and $20 for the larger 65L bin.


Q. My bin is broken / stolen / lost / found. What should I do?

Phone the Nelson City Council customer call centre. They have a process to solve all bin issues.


Q. Can I get an extra or replacement recycling bin?

Yes – they are available from Nelmac and from Nelson City Council. The costs are $18.50 for a 45L bin and $20 for the larger 65L bin.


Q. Can I use my wheelie bin for rubbish if I put a blue liner in it?

No. The bin can only be used for recycling.


Q. Who owns the bin?

The bin belongs to the property. If you sell your house or move you must leave the bin. All bins have a serial number and an address. Any bin where the serial number and /or the address do not match may be either rejected or removed.


Q. I think that I have been Missed, what should I do?

There are 4 different recycling trucks so just because you see a truck drive past it does not mean that you have been missed. At the end of the day call Nelmac and leave a message and we will compare our address against the computer based tracking system in the trucks.


Q. Do I put the paper into plastic bags before I put it in the recycling bin?

No. Just leave paper loose in the bin. Plastic bags (even if they have “recyclable” printed on them) are not recycled.


Q. I have a lot more recycling than I can fit in my bin, what should I do?

Nelson residents can take their residential recycling to the Nelson recycling Centre at 6 Vivian Street, Tahunanui, and dispose of their recyclables. This is free of charge.


Q. I have extra recyclables, can I leave them in a bag or box beside the bin?

No. The bin will be collected but not extra bags or boxes. Anything left beside a wheelie bin will be viewed as dumped rubbish.


Q. Why was my bin rejected?

The bin must only have recyclable materials. The collector monitors the material being collected and will reject any bin that contains materials that should not be in the bin.

For an extra reminder of what goes in the bin look at the sticker on the inside of the lid.

The bin lid must close. In the event or a resident regularly leaving contaminated materials for collection the bin may be removed.


Q. Why won’t you collect the wheelie bin from my Right-of-Way or shared driveway?

Nelmac has a contract for kerbside collection from public roads. We will not enter private roads, private driveways etc. The crates and wheelie bins must be left kerbside on a public road.


Q. I want to continue to use my blue crate for my recycling

The blue crate can only be used for glass. We will not collect any other materials that are left in blue crates.