Rubbish - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we receive. If you would like advice please contact us.


Q. If I have a Betta-Bins Owner bin how do I pay for collection?
Collection is paid for when you purchase the liners from your supermarket, Mitre10 Mega or If you would like to purchase an Owner wheelie bin this can done online. We will even deliver the wheelie bin to your house.

Q. Who retains ownership of the wheelie bin?
If you have a Rental Service wheelie bin then ownership of the bin is held by Betta-Bins. If you have an Owner wheelie bin then you, the customer, own the wheelie bin.

Q. What do I do if my collection day falls on a statutory holiday?
Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Year’s day are the only statutory holidays that refuse is not be collected. Collection is made on the following day instead. Notifications will be posted in local community newspapers and on our website front page prior to the holiday.
* For all other statutory holidays your collection day will not change.

Q. What wheelie bin size should I choose and what service – Rental or Owner?
This is dependent on your usage. If you’re not sure what size you need you can rent a bin with our monthly Rental Service in a size that you think will be appropriate. If you find that it doesn’t suit your usage we can help. We have the flexibility to help you get the right Betta-Bins solution for you.

Q. Can you tell me if a 120L or 240L wheelie bin is suited for my usage?
Usage is a very individual thing – as a general guideline a 120L wheelie bin is great for homes of up to four members (two adults) and a 240L wheelie bin is better suited to homes with four members or more. If you do want to change your bin size, please contact us.

Q. Is Betta-Bins office open to the public?

No, the Betta-Bins office is no longer open to the public. All payments for Bins can be completed online.

Q. What won’t be accepted in my wheelie bin?
We cannot accept any hazardous, flammable or chemical substances, nor anything that may cause harm to our staff . This includes but is not limited to paint, gas bottles, energy-saving light bulbs, commercial hazardous waste, batteries and other hazardous materials.

Q. What time do I need to have my refuse at the kerbside?
Please have your wheelie bins or refuse blue bags at the kerbside by 7am.

Q. Where can I purchase Betta-Bags (Blue Bags) for my refuse?
Betta-Bags are available at most supermarkets and dairies and at

Q. How do I pay for the collection of Blue Bags/Betta-Bags for refuse?
The cost of collection is included in the purchase price of the bag.

Q. How many Betta-Bags can I put out each week and what is the maximum weight per bag?
There is no limit on how many bags you put out, the weight limit per bag is 14kg.

Q. When is my kerbside collection day?

Use our Collection Day Finder to find the collection day in your street. 


Q. Who is Smart Environmental? What will change with the new ownership?
Smart Environmental are the largest New Zealand owned and operated waste and recycling company.

We have locations all over NZ including the Nelson/Tasman region.  The Betta Bins brand will retain the current core services, we hope to use our expertise to grow the business further and make improvements for our current and future clients.