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Rubbish is Collected Every Week 

Important Collection Information

  • Needs to be on the kerb by 7.00am

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Changes to collections for Christmas & New Year

Christmas Day & New Years day falls on a Monday for this calendar schedule so rubbish and recycling will be picked up a day later from your normal recycling day:

  • E.g. your normal collection day falls on Monday the 25th of December, this will mean your collection day will be one day later, Tuesday.
  • If your normal collection day is a Tuesday it will be picked up on Wednesday and so on throughout the week.
  • This changed collection schedule will continue through the New year week and return to normal collection 8th of January 2018

You can use the following bins/bag

What can't go in the rubbish bin or bag?

We cannot accept any hazardous, flammable or chemical substances, nor anything that may cause harm to our staff . This includes but is not limited to paint, gas bottles, energy-saving light bulbs, commercial hazardous waste, batteries and other hazardous materials. 

For further Frequently asked questions take a look here.

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