240L Rubbish Wheelie Bin - Monthly Rental- Weekly Collection

240L Rubbish Wheelie Bin - Monthly Rental- Weekly Collection

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240-litre wheelie bin for kerb-side pickup of general rubbish. 6 Month Minimum Term.

The first payment will be made via credit card and all remaining payments will be made via direct debit. 

Please note: Your first direct debit payment will come out on the 1st of every month with the exception of public holidays and weekends, otherwise it will come out the following working day.


  1. 15th of April Bin is purchased - First payment completed via Debit Card or Credit Card
  2. 1st of May the first direct debit payment is deducted from your account
  3. 15th September - Term complete 

Please make sure the funds are available in your account every first week of the month to avoid dishonour fees

You will be sent instructions on how to complete remaining Direct debit payment via email with the confirmation of the order.

Please note: Your collection service starts on the delivery of the bin, not on payment.